Admission Requirements

The MLT program is a selective admission program. Upon contacting the MLT Program Director, prospective MLT students will undergo a screening process. Prior to admission to the MLT program, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be at least 17 years of age
  2. Possess a high school diploma or GED
  3. Be able to meet essential functions (see essential functions)
  4. Submit official high school transcript or GED to Mid-Plains Community College - Request Form
  5. Submit official college transcripts if other than Mid-Plains Community College - Request Form
  6. Fulfill Mid-Plains Community College General Admission Requirement
  7. Complete application to Mid-Plains Community College specifying interest in MLT program - Application Form
  8. Submit MLT program application - Application Form
  9. Complete ACCUPLACER placement exams with minimum scores (or equivalent ACT or COMPASS scores) of: Reading Comprehension 74, Sentence Skills 84, Arithmetic 65.
  10. Have satisfactory Criminal Background Check results ( ($38) - Instructions)
  11. Submit three letters of recommendation - Form
  12. Submit a physician signed pre-entrance medical statement - Medical Statement Form
  13. Submit documentation of current immunizations or proof of immunity - Vaccinations Form (CDC Healthcare Personnel Vaccination Recommendations)
  14. Submit proof of health care coverage prior to beginning clinical phase of training. Students who do not provide proof of health insurance prior to clinical courses will not be
    eligible for clinical rotations which will result in termination from program.
  15. Schedule an interview with the MLT Program Director

After meeting admission criteria 1-10 above, the student is provisionally accepted into the MLT program. Full acceptance into the MLT program will not be granted until all admission criteria above have been met. Failure to respond to requests for information, incomplete files, or failure to meet deadlines will inactivate the application for MLT program admission. Approval for admission will be granted by MLT program faculty with the final approval decision resting with the MLT Program Director. After MLT program admission approval is granted, the student will be accepted into the first available class and receive written notification of acceptance.

Application should be started 4-6 months in advance of entering the program to assure adequate time to complete the admission process. All other rules and regulations shall be in accordance with standards required of all students at Mid-Plains Community College.

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